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Month: October 2021

Use Federal Funds to Mitigate Impacts to Overweight Districts

Vermont incorrectly distributes education funds in a way that awards more affluent districts at the expense of low-income, rural and diverse districts. We have the UVM/Rutgers 2019 study to prove it. Vermont also has an unprecedented amount of federal dollars in our state coffers right now. That means we can fix this flaw while mitigating impacts on more affluent district. But we must act now or we will lose our opportunity to help districts roll in these changes.

CVTSE Reacts to Task Force Proposal to Eliminate ELL from Pupil Weighting Formula

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Monday, October 11, 2021 Contact:  Marc Schauber 802-780-0266 marc@cvtse.org STATEMENT BY THE COALITION FOR VERMONT STUDENT EQUITY ON LEGISLATIVE PROPOSAL TO REMOVE ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNERS FROM THE PUPIL WEIGHTING FORMULA A legislative task force that has been meeting over the summer and fall to implement the 2019 Pupil Weighting Factors Report decided on Friday to take …