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Month: July 2021

Burlington, VT is a Refugee Resettlement City

Implementing the correct student weights would allow the Burlington District to: • Hire more multilingual liaisons and be able to pay them year around for the great demands on their time. • We could increase training and offer stipends for teachers to improve engagement with families, including conducting home visits in the summer and after hours. • We could increase funding for pre-K, so that we could offer more classes with increased staffing. • We could implement our own equitable funding model. • We could add much needed special education teachers, counselors, social workers, EL teachers, paraeducators and specialists to support our students in a more inclusive setting.

WCAX: Education Finance Reform Efforts this Fall

Vermont lawmakers to pick up education finance reform efforts this fall (Video) https://www.wcax.com/2021/07/22/vermont-lawmakers-pick-up-education-finance-reform-efforts-this-fall/ MONTPELIER, Vt. (WCAX) – By Calvin Cutler Equal opportunity in education will be on the front burner for Vermont lawmakers in the coming months as they dig into the perennial issue of education finance reform. Funding for public schools is allocated out of …

State Rep. Katherine Sims

I want my children, and all Vermont children, to have an equal opportunity to thrive. No matter where they live. We have a legal and moral obligation to act urgently on the Pupil Weighting Report. We must adjust how we calculate the cost of educating students to restore equitable resources for all.