VSBA: Supports Full Implementation of Recommendations

At the annual business meeting of the Vermont School Boards Association, November 4, 2021, a resolution in favor of the legislature adopting the recommendations of the Pupil Weighting Factors Report was passed and adopted.

2021-2022 VSBA Proposed Resolutions

Resolution Proposal #3: Burlington SD + 8 other boards

Section II, Subsection U
Education Finance

WHEREAS: Vermont’s students come to school with dissimilar learning needs and socioeconomic backgrounds that may require different types and levels of educational supports for them to achieve common standards or outcomes;

WHEREAS: schools of different sizes and in different geographic locations require different levels of resources due to scale of operations or the price they must pay for key resources;

WHEREAS: Vermont’s formula for calculating funding utilizes weighting factors that were created over twenty years ago and do not reflect contemporary educational policy, circumstances or costs;

WHEREAS: Vermont’s legislature in 2018 directed the Agency Of Education to commission a study to consider and make various recommendations for changes to the census grant funding model, changes or additions to the per pupil weighting factors used to allocate special education funding under the census grant model, and any additional methods for consideration;

WHEREAS: the resultant “Pupil Weighting Factors Report – Act 173 of 2018, Sec. 11” was published in December 2019;

WHEREAS: the report was clear in its recommendations to update Vermont’s funding formula to account for the differing needs of all Vermont students and schools;

WHEREAS: the Vermont School Boards Association and its member districts are committed to advocating for and working to achieve equitable access to education services for all Vermont students;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: the Vermont School Boards Association fully supports the findings as presented in the Pupil Weighting Factors Report dated December 24, 2019.

And furthermore, the Vermont School Boards Association requests the Vermont Legislature to thoughtfully and expeditiously establish an implementation plan for the Report’s recommendations.

This resolution is co-sponsored by the boards of the following:

  1. Winooski School District
  2. Washington Central Unified Union School District
  3. Twin Valley Union Unified School District
  4. Rutland City Public Schools
  5. River Valleys Unified School District
  6. Marlboro School District
  7. Kingdom East School District
  8. Hazen Union School District
  9. Burlington School District
    BOARD RECOMMENDATION: PASS as regular resolution