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Who We Are

The Coalition for Vermont Student Equity unites a diverse array of school districts, supervisory unions, and school board members from every corner of the state. Our coalition is a tapestry of communities, each distinct in its makeup, yet united by a singular, powerful conviction: every child in Vermont must have access to equitable educational opportunities. This shared belief galvanizes our collective efforts to advocate for systemic change within Vermont’s education system.

As we move forward, the Coalition for Vermont Student Equity is committed to vigilant oversight and engagement in the unfolding story of Act 127. We will continue to advocate for the resources and support necessary to eliminate disparities in educational access and outcomes. Together, we envision a future where the success of Vermont’s children is not predicated on their zip code, economic status or background, but fostered by a truly equitable educational system. Join us in this critical journey toward achieving educational equity for all of Vermont’s children.