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Our Accomplishments

Through our advocacy work, S.13 of 2021 and S.127 of 2022 were passed, correcting the inequitable weights in effect from 1997-2024.

The Pupil Weighting Factors Report, submitted to the Vermont legislature in 2019, sparked a critical dialogue on educational equity. Despite initial delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our persistence paid off as we navigated the complexities of remote legislative sessions. Through concerted efforts and robust member support, we successfully influenced the passage of S.13, which initially aimed to set up a task force with a broad mandate.

CVTSE actively narrowed the scope of this task force, ensuring it focused on essential reforms. This focused approach, coupled with a strategic push to include a moratorium on the excess spending threshold, marked significant progress in our advocacy.

As the legislation moved through the Senate and was eventually signed by the governor, CVTSE’s role was pivotal in shaping the outcome. Our ongoing commitment is to use our collective voice and experiences to inform and guide both legislative and executive actions, ensuring that Vermont’s educational policies continue to reflect the needs and rights of all students. This mission drives us to ensure that educational equity remains at the forefront of policy decisions, supported by informed, deliberate actions that benefit every child in Vermont.