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WCAX: Education Finance Reform Efforts this Fall

Vermont lawmakers to pick up education finance reform efforts this fall (Video) https://www.wcax.com/2021/07/22/vermont-lawmakers-pick-up-education-finance-reform-efforts-this-fall/

MONTPELIER, Vt. (WCAX) – By Calvin Cutler Equal opportunity in education will be on the front burner for Vermont lawmakers in the coming months as they dig into the perennial issue of education finance reform.

Funding for public schools is allocated out of the State Education Fund on a per-pupil basis. The funding formula is complex and includes a “weighting” system to increase funding for students who are more expensive to teach, including students from low-income areas and English language learners…

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Appearance by: Marc Schauber, Executive Director of CVTSE

State Rep. Taylor Small

“Our students, across the state of Vermont, all want the opportunity to thrive in their learning environments. But we know that our current pupil weighting system does not allow for equal access to those opportunities.

CVTSE is seeking donations of any size to support our advocacy work to fix the flawed funding formula. And if you can’t contribute, that’s okay! You can still help by sharing our GoFundMe.

Vermont State Rep. Taylor Small P/D-Winooski @TaylorSmallVT

Coalition for Vermont Student Equity @VermontStudent

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State Rep. Lucy Rogers

Vermont State Representative Lucy Rogers D-Waterville "Once the Corrected Weights are Implemented, we won't have winners and losers, we'll have equitable education across the board."

Once the Corrected weights are implemented, we won’t have winners and losers, we’ll have equitable education across the board.

Vermont State Rep. Lucy Rogers D-Waterville

Coalition for Vermont Student Equity @VermontStudent

#vtpoli #vted #FixTheFormula #equity

Burlington School Commissioner’s Corner

Vermont’s students come to school with dissimilar learning needs and socioeconomic backgrounds that may require different types and levels of educational supports for them to achieve common standards or outcomes.

State Rep. Katherine Sims

Rep Katherine Simms Northeast Kingdom VT

I want my children, and all Vermont children, to have an equal opportunity to thrive. No matter where they live. We have a legal and moral obligation to act urgently on the Pupil Weighting Report. We must adjust how we calculate the cost of educating students to restore equitable resources for all.

Vermont State Rep. Katherine Sims D-Craftsbury @katherinesimsvt

Coalition for Vermont Student Equity @VermontStudent

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Vermont school districts need certainty in funding for budgets

School Boards say Political Grants Won’t Bring Equity to Vermont’s Unique Pupil Weighting Formula

Instead of following the unequivocal recommendations made in the 2019 UVM/Rutgers report and correcting the weights for students who are economically disadvantaged, attend small schools, rural schools and require English language services, some opponents suggest that grants should be targeted toward these populations of learners to fix problem. But grants like these come and go, their measurements and purpose are apt to change by the year. Grants are susceptible to political whim. The only sure, stable method for correcting decades of inequity is to correct the pupil weighting formula as recommended by educational researchers who our VT Legislature hired to conduct this research. #Vtpoli #FixTheFormula #VtEd #equity