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In 2018/2019, the Vermont Legislature commissioned a comprehensive study from esteemed educational researchers at UVM, Rutgers, and the National Institute for Research to examine the state’s education funding formula and its use of weighting factors. These weights determine the funding allocated for students with varying educational needs. Delivered to the legislature in 2019, the study revealed that the existing weights were not only outdated but also failed to reflect the actual costs of educating children who require additional support, such as those in poverty, in rural areas, attending small schools, or New American English Language Learners.

Fast forward to today, after significant advocacy and collaboration, Vermont has taken a historic leap forward with the passing of Act 127, informed by the recommendations of the 2019 report. This legislation updates the funding formula, providing a more equitable distribution of educational resources across districts. Act 127 is a testament to Vermont’s commitment to its students, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to succeed, irrespective of their circumstances.

As we move into the next phase of this journey, we stand firm in our belief that true equity can only be achieved by addressing the systemic issues in our funding formula. The comprehensive approach taken by Act 127 is essential for providing long-lasting equity and certainty for our districts to plan for a future where every student thrives.

Act 127 isn’t just a legislative success; it’s a beacon of hope for a brighter educational future in Vermont, and CVTSE is proud to be at the forefront of this transformative change. Join us as we continue to advocate for the resources our schools need to unlock every student’s potential. Together, we are building a legacy of educational fairness and excellence in Vermont.