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Year: 2021

Burlington and Winooski Mayors and Councils Send Joint Letter to Legislators Requesting Pupil Weights be Corrected

We are writing as officials who have been elected to represent our incredibly diverse communities. Burlington and Winooski are a reflection of the changing demographic of the United States, and Vermont. Together, our two cities are home to many cultures and languages. This isn’t just a feature, this is the soul of our communities.

CVTSE Issues Statement in Response to a Legislative Proposal on Educational Funding Equity

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEDecember 14, 2021Contact: Marc Schaubermarc@cvtse.org(802) 780-0266 The Coalition for Vermont Student Equity Issues Statement in Response to a Legislative Proposal on Educational Funding Equity “As an organization that is solely focused on creating equitable educational opportunities for all of Vermont’s children, we are deeply appreciative of the work done by the legislative Task …

VLCT Opposes the Task Force’s Reverse Foundation Formula (so-called Cost Equity Formula)

The proposed cost equity approach in the draft report contemplates instituting categorical funding
categories to address poverty, rurality, middle and high school as well as English Language Learners. The difficulty with this approach is that each year, a new calculation would need to be made. Each year that calculation would be ripe for debate as not only cost factors change, and as the draft report mentions, the question of how much is left for base funding per pupil is debated, but also as statutory changes are made to the programs and legislative appetites for keeping financial support sufficient over time is likely to falter, particularly in lean times.

Winooski Superintendent McMannon Statement on ‘Discriminatory’ ELL Funding Proposal

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact:Superintendent Sean McMannon, Winooski School District “By choosing to separate/segregate ELL funding from the rest of the formula, and intentionally setting the amount at substantially less than empirical analysis says it should be, I believe this proposal results in discrimination against ELL students on the basis of national origin and language.  As …


With lawmakers resisting calls to fix the flaws in our ed funding formula, we need your help today to fight for equitable educational opportunities for all of VTs children and communities. Please donate and/or retweet us. https://cvtse.org/donate #Vtpoli #GivingTuesday

Education Experts Voice their Concerns over Legislative Work on Education Funding Inequity

On Monday the Coalition for Vermont Student Equity (CVTSE) hosted The Future of Equity in Vermont Education: A Panel Discussion. The panel considered the glaring inequities in Vermont’s current funding formula and the harms that have been caused to Vermont’s most struggling communities. They also discussed the discriminatory nature of the recent proposal to remove English language learners from the equity formula and their grave concerns over the pending recommendations of the Pupil Weighting Task Force. 50 people were in attendance, and there was a question and answer period at the end.

CVTSE Board Releases Statement on Task Force’s Path

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Monday, November 22, 2021 Contact:Marc Schauber, Executive Director802-780-0266 / marc@cvtse.org STATEMENT BY THE COALITION FOR VERMONT STUDENT EQUITY ON THE PUPIL WEIGHTING TASK FORCE REJECTING SCIENTIFICALLY DERIVED RECOMMENDATIONS The Coalition for Vermont Student Equity (CVTSE) has been working to implement a corrected education funding formula that would help children and schools in districts that have been harmed …

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